Show me your true colors...

Don’t you long for carefree time of your childhood when everything was easy and fun? Don’t you miss your toys and crazy little adventures while you were fooling around with your friends? If not that, there is certainly one thing that would bring the good memories back. A coloring book. A must – have of the set that is now available also in a bit more complicated version for all the big “kids”.

Taste the rainbow and relax

The phenomenon of coloring books for adults spreads across the countries. It has all started in the United Kingdom where they were first invented in 2012 and conquered the hearts of the British. Their popularity is now growing all around the world. The new trend has reached Poland too. Visit your nearest bookstore and you are sure to find a shelf devoted to books with black and white prints asking to be taken care of. Hard to believe, huh? Well, next time you go for a walk or sit on a train, look around you. That deep focus on people’s faces – yes, they are probably in the middle of coloring the most challenging part of the whole picture.

There are plenty of coloring books to choose from. You can paint some beautiful castles, flowers, gardens or abstract paisley patterns just as you like. Use your crayons to dive in the fantasy world and free your imagination. Anyone can do that to relax and unwind while filling the black and white lines with rainbow.

The producers are doing their best to come up with new, fresh ideas to attract your attention and keep you away from being bored.

Calm the nerves

Coloring books for adults can be helpful with easing depression and anxiety, what has been already proven by the scientific research. The process of coloring the page has a relaxing effect and fight the stress. It helps to get rid of intrusive thoughts, unwind, to catch a distance and forget about our worries and the whole world.

It is strongly dependent on the processes in our brain. Adult’s brain works using Beta waves, which are responsible for insomnia, stress and fear or anxiety. While coloring the book, Alfa waves – typical for children – are being activated. They bring the peace and relief and put us into the state of weightlessness. Coloring books can be hence used as a therapeutic tool to help battle the stress and calm the nerves. A cure you can get without the prescription.


Like all the medicines, this one too can have some side-effects. Boosting your imagination and a true exercise for your hand to make precise and neat strokes are definitely the first two. Playing coloring books is like a guided tutorial on artistic skills in drawing and painting. It requires some patience and stamina, but you can be sure to see the progress very soon. Your will train your muscles (that due to the daily use of computers and keyboards, are often forgotten) and make your hand remember the right moves.

Well, it is worth mentioning that it can be a bit addictive too. Once you try it, finding equally satisfying past time activity may be difficult.

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